Getting Back on Track

I feel like I can finally see the light at the end of this tunnel, in the past two weeks I have been able to get back on track with school (over a month of not being able to do school does not leave me in the best place). I have also been able to put my self on the other side of these walls that I have become oh so familiar with again; being able to get outside and go for longer walks, without any symptoms has really brightened my spirits. Although there are still days where I don’t feel quite like myself and sometimes it’s hard to see that light, but I have to continue to tell my self that it is still there.

I need to start making little goals for myself everyday and begin to gain my strength back, and start feeling more like my capable self. I plan to start riding on my trainers soon, or maybe go for a really easy jog. I still have to be careful not to push myself to symptoms . As for larger goals, I am trying to make it back to Invermere to train for a few more weeks and work mostly on technique. I don’t have sights set on racing though, since my confidence will be something I will have to work on, I have also been told to be very careful to not hit my head again for a good while. Although this depends on how everything else works out, I need to be healthy and feeling great before I go back because unlike here, I have no family support out there. I also need to get ahead in my school since I am working towards going tree planting around the end of April so that I can help fund for my ski racing next season, plus I still plan on graduating this year.

Right now though I just need to take care of one day at a time.

I plan on continuing my blogging, focusing more on other aspects. I will write about other things related to what I am doing and thinking since the other aspects of my life have come to a halt. I am glad that I am now healthy enough to write again. Soon I will be posting a research essay about the changes FIS has imposed on race skis and continue with other positive posts.