Lake Louise Women’s World Cup

After two years with out clicking into my downhill skis, I stepped into my bindings at Lake Louise. On Monday the day before official training started, we were there to do a test run of the track, with only a quick inspection of the course. Since crashing in my first downhill race speed has been something I have had to fight against I was nerves but I have been confident and comfortable on the slope before, so at the start I focused on calming my nerves and, keeping my  body forward to ski confidently. I had watched the run many times, and replayed it again and again in my head, helping grow my confidence to race down the Lake Louise downhill track. I came down to the bottom, wanting to improve and the desire to go faster; I was very proud of myself for what I accomplished that day.

2012-11-27 13.20.13

2012-12-02 08.09.51

On day two the track was much faster, more than most of us expected. I was taken-aback by the speed and had a hard time trying to get ahead of it; looking forward, Then on the third day I was more nervous, and reflecting back, could have been in a better head space. Coming into the more challenging part of the course I may have had too much direction, gotten in the back seat or was thrown off by the snow structure.  The next thing I was heading towards the net, I thought for an instant “can I save myself?” Then I new that there was no chance and was going to end up in the nets. I rode along the suspended  a-net for what felt like a while, hit the snow, and slid down the pitch. I sat up with my lips numb from the cold snow. When I sat up I was in shock, trying to decipher what had happened. I got up and skied down with a patrol, still very much in shock.

2012-11-27 10.04.32

Since then it had been a bit of a battle, fighting the negative thoughts away, and questing the condition of my head. I was told to precaution this as a head injury, witch was very concerning for me considering my past. It seems though that I have only suffered from blunt force trauma to my back and neck, and I know I am lucky to get off with only a minor injury.

Things are seeming to be moving in a positive direction though. I spent the last few days of the race hanging out and being cared for by my parents and did some easy free skiing with my dad. I started to see physio, massage/sport therapist, and chiro, who are all helping me get back on my skis again.

2012-12-02 08.51.55


Photo Cred: Reuters
Lake Louise World Cup Downhill


Photo Cred: Reuters
Lake Louise World Cup Downhill


2 thoughts on “Lake Louise Women’s World Cup

  1. Another bump in the road for you. It will get better. Bob and I won’t be skiing this year (well, maybe in March) To our surprise, Bob had emergency open heart surgery to repair 3 arteries and a calcified aortic valve. He is on the mend, only 2 weeks post surgery and is enjoying walking each day. This morning he will be delighted to wake up to fresh snow. Keep up your desire to suceed as you will defeat your fears and win!

    • Thanks Cathy, great to hear from you! I am keeping my head high. I am very sorry to hear about Bob, I hope that he is doing all right now and I wish him the best of luck in recovering! If all goes well, hopefully I’ll see you on the slopes!

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