As It Begins Again

It is that time of year again, where days seem shorter as they become colder and there’s always race skis to wax and tune. After the long days of training in the off season, it is nearly a relief to put your feet to snow again. The hard work is not over, but now is the time for it to pay off.


We began training at Panorama on the 15th of November. The conditions are great, amidst the many other keen racers. Steven and I are continuing to work hard of the snow in the gym, even though we are crunched with time with the responsibilities of living on our own. I feel good about what this season has to offer, but I will take each day step-by-step and will do my best to only look forward from here on. I have lots of work to do but have even more to gain from experience and from success.


Tomorrow Steven, Becca and I are heading to Lake Louise to do a test run of the downhill track for the Women’s World Cup this weekend. Training for the down hill for all the athletes will start on Tuesday and I will be fore-running the track along with several others before each day of training and racing. This will be an very good chance to watch and learn from the best in the world and experience the “World Cup” action in a extremely opportune way. I have not had many chances to train or race downhill so for me this will be an opportunity to learn a lot  and to gain confidence with speed in racing.


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