Seattle – Hood – Regina

During the summer months I planned to do a little more blogging other than the two post I did a while back. I have been very busy with off-season training and on the 15th of August my family and I left for three weeks. We started off in Seattle, WA, and met up with Hansi, our home stay from two years ago. Steven and I were then dropped off at Government Camp, OR,  for a ski camp and we finished off in Regina for my cousins wedding.

Over the past five years our family has taken in students and athletes to be part of the Red Mountain Ski Academy in Rossland. Over these years we have had students from the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, and other parts of Canada. It has been challenging at times but overall a great experience. In 2010 we took in a student from Germany by the name of Hansi Schwaiger. Over the years of taking in students our paths had yet to lead us to meet up again with the people who shared our home with us for a year. Just over a year after saying good-bye to Hansi from the Ferry Terminal in Port Townsend, WA, we had the opportunity to meet up with him again for a week at the Moore Hotel in the heart of Seattle, WA.

By the end of the year Hansi had grown to become part of our family. He did things with my parents and would talk to my mom early in the morning while she was doing laundry. He would play indoors and outdoors, in the snow building jumps with my younger brother. Hansi taught me a lot of things in the short time that we spent training, ski racing, and living together. He is one of the most positive people who I have met. He had a big impact on our family; he taught me to relax in stressful situations, that I can’t stress about things that I cannot control and to always have a positive outlook on life. He never seemed to be stressed or worry about being late, and if he ever had a bad day it seem that it was easy for him to let it go.

You can only change or influence the things that are in your control.

The time we spent in Seattle was short but only because time flew by as we kept each day full of activity.

Mexican for Dinner!

Concert at City Hall in Downtown in the summer heat

Hansi and Hayden

After our time well spent in Seattle we meet up with our team and coach, Helmut for a 6 day ski camp at Mount Hood. Mount Hood is notorious for its summer ski camps for young and older racing groups. It seems that most racers you meet have done a summer camp at Hood, but for Steven and I it was our first time visiting. It is a fairly small glacier, you end up skiing the same terrain all week, but anytime on snow is valuable. The snow for the first few days was great for training, hard in the morning and softening up as the day went on. As the camp continued the weather warmed up along with the snow, although we were still able to get quality work in. We worked tirelessly on technique. Finding balance and comfortability on our skis, really drilling into our bodies a forward position and move to increase speed and power into our skiing. We did some drill courses to get our feet and bodies moving and reacting. I now realize that it is not necessary to jump into a course right away. It is better to become technically sound and confident before you start attacking a course.

Having some very high quality time on snow now to revisit what we were working on last will set us up optimally for the preseason in November. We will able to start training courses sooner and prepare for the first races of the season with more confidence.

“He was eaten by the fog monster!”

Mount Hood

On the last day of skiing in Hood we met up with my family again, after they spent the week playing in the water and surfing on the coast and drove the eight hours home to pay a short visit. We got up the next morning at 4:30am and left by 5:25am to start towards our final destination. It was long and restless but 14 hours later we arrived in Regain, SK. When I opened the door and stepped out side it was complete relief, knowing that I would not have to drive any longer.

In the end it was worth it to be apart of my cousin, Jessica’s wedding as a bridesmaid. Weddings are something that should only happen once, so I was very grateful to be apart of this day for Jessica and her new husband Brain.

The Bride


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