Postive Shifts

Last week I journeyed back to Invermere and the small house where we lived for what was supposed to a majority of the winter. Although this wasn’t just a trip back to pack up all my stuff that I left when thought I would only be visiting home for a week or so, I was feeling well enough to wrestle into my boots and click into my skis.

It was certainly the best thing for me to do, and much the the credit for the turn around in my status should be credited to Dr. Clint Hallgrimson (Chiropractic doctor in Kelowna). He is a specialized upper cervical NUCCA practitioner with a quite a record for success. During my first appointment he took three x-ray images of my upper back and measured my alinement. We discover that the upper vertebrate were twisted and turn cause disablement throughout my entire body, right down to my feet. After a few more visits I felt like myself again. I am still dealing with some upper back pain and tight, agitated muscles now a then but it has been a complete turn around. I feel very lucky to have discovered this, that I could ski again and that a lot of the symptoms I was still having were not still concussion symptoms.

The first day I go back on snow wasn’t all gory and joy, in fact the first few days were frustrating. I felt unbalance and physically week and as if I didn’t know what I was doing. The fact that everybody else was ending there season as I was trying to get back to mine was confusing but with each day I improved and gained more confidence back. I did my best to focus on the positive things like being back on my skis, or being outside in the sun. I told myself that what ever I am struggling with now I will have to later, so why not get through it as soon as I can. I did a lot of drill skiing on my slalom skis and got right back on my speed skis. By the end of the week, my confidence turned around, my attitude was nothing but positive and I am now more determined to get back on snow as soon as I can.

This past week I have been really focused on finishing up my school and preparing myself for tree-planting season.

Getting Gear Up - Treeplating caulks

Getting Gear Up - caulks boots


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