Injury Update from Rossland

Concussion are probably one of the hardest sports injuries to overcome and understand.

During my three previous concussions I have been faced with a lot of uncertainty, and when things will eventually come around.

I have been resting at home for a month, but still have port concussion symptoms.  These symptoms are easing up and has been reduced to mainly  headaches, enough to keep me from doing much, but also pain  from damage to my neck and lower back, which is also a source of my headaches. I would like to get back on snow this week, at Red, for very light and slow sessions.

I have been to see my chiropractor; to help with lots of soft tissue damage in my neck and some neuro-cognitive examination. I am having acupuncture treatments to help with damage to my neck, and concussion symptoms and to reduced the effect these injuries will have on my body latter in life. I am also starting some physiotherapy to begin to build strength back in my neck, and later my general strength from muscle loss over this period.

Right now though I just have to take it day by day, and not worry or think to much about the future.

Hanging out with dog



One thought on “Injury Update from Rossland

  1. It isn’t easy to have an injury that is so difficult to assess. Just take the time to heal and before you know it you will be so busy again with training, school and racing. Hope you are able to get a few easy laps on the hill later in the week Kali.

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