Ups and Downs

The last few weeks I have had some amazing opportunities, I faced new challenges, and I made some great gains in my skiing and confidence; I had a few more days to ski with Kelly and Manny, and every day I learned something new. I had a new realisation of what it’s like to live completely on your own. I also had a very solid training block that was positive in every way for my skiing.

I trained three days last week where it was -25 or below and was pushed** by the world cuppers to train in my spandex suit. I was okay though because we went in every run and we also received complementary hot chocolates. We trained on the well-known run of Hayfever that day which also made this a great day to learn, for my skiing and confidence building.

I pushed my self hard through the cold weather and the afternoon dryland and weightlifting session. It was rewarding in every way when my skiing came together along with my mental preparation and confidence.

On Sunday, the last day that I skied, I crashed at the end of the day while skiing down with gates on my shoulder. I was burnt out from a hard week and from that day, the light was flat and I didn’t have the best contact lenses in. The inside edge on one of my skis caught in a rut and head first I face planted into the ground. Know I have what hopefully is just a minor concussion(although minor is still serious). I had a long, but great week and was feeling quite fatigued by the end, with long days in the cold and more dryland in the program. I was just trying to make it through the day performing the best I could and looking for opportunities to learn. I am not saying that this was the reason that I hurt myself, but certainly this must have played a factor.

I will take it very easy for a few days and see if I feel better. I haven’t made any decision yet, I  will just have to see how things go day by day.

Some shots I took from earlier this season…

Swix Ski Pole

Exploring Invermere before snow


New Rossignol GS skis

the Thunder Bird parked in our drive way

Bike Lock


3 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. Great photos Kali. If you get the chance on your off days go check out Johnstone Creek trail (I think that’s the name) halfway between Pano and town. It is beautiful and you could get some great shots.
    You have learned so many life lessons in such a short amount of time and you recognize the benefits of each experience, whether positive or negative. Your past week sounds like it really was terrific training and you were in the right mind space. You pushed yourself hard and should be proud. Keep that in mind and recall the week to help you focus your energy back to those feelings. The crash was only a small part of that week in terms of the big picture. Hope that you feel better and take the time to rest.

  2. Hey Kali, I hope your head injury gets better. Thats so brutal. I love reading your blog and its so awesome to follow you in your skiing days. I hope everything gets better and you can get back to racing.

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