Training with World Cuppers

The past few days this week I had the chance to train alongside Manuel Osborne-Paradis (  and Kelly VanderBeek (, some of the best in the world at what they do. They are both making comebacks from injuries and on their way back to racing on the world cup circuit. Anywhere else this would probably never happen but at Panorama they have set up such an elite training venue for ski racing., bringing people from all around the world to train. I met Kelly for the first time awhile back when she came to watch the FIS race at Red Mountain (I was still in K2) after her sponsorship with TECK and then again when she came to visit and talk to the students/athletes of the Red Mountain Academies.

In 2009 I attended the second annual Cowboy’s Camp in Whistler hosted by Mike Janyk and Manny. This camp was such a great opportunity to learn from and also one of best experiences of my life.

Jump Training on Hayfever

Knowing these people more than just having seen them fly down the hill on the television screen gives me perspective that they are just normal human beings working hard and doing what they love. They are not super-humans, they have worked hard for what they want,and have gained huge success in this way in what they do. It is such an opportunity to be out there training with them; such a good chance to watch and learn from these people. They have gained so much experience in what they do, and just being out there it rubs off on you.

You can’t let chance like this just pass away. You have to embrace the opportunity and take everything you can from it.]’/


2 thoughts on “Training with World Cuppers

  1. What an honour training with these incredible athletes! Glad you have the opportunity to do so. I will remain in your heart and we are happy you were able to experience this. Keep up the training. Bob and I are following your success.
    29 cm of new powder at Panno. (an on new skis) We are havine a blast here.

  2. So glad to read about your fantastic experience training with Manny and Kelly (through blogs and tweets by each of you!). Keep working hard and sharing your thoughts – I’m sure it’s helping with your ‘game plan’. See you up at Red for the FIS series, Kali.

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