Schweitzer, Idaho

Tomorrow I am heading for Schweitzer, Idaho for my next race series. The first time I raced here was in March 2010 and I really enjoyed the race. It was a valuable experience to race in a different country and see how things are done differently. The atmosphere of the whole event was quite relaxed and our whole team had a lot of fun down there.  It was also nice in some ways not to know your competition and to not have any one to judge your self against.

The race this time will be two giant slaloms and two super g races. Last time the race was the same but there were also two slaloms). Both the super-g and the giant slalom were very good, a bit flat but lots of terrain and a lot of fun. I especially loved the super-g  and remember finishing the race with a huge smile on my face.

Lately though I haven’t had the best go with super-g. Before it was my favourite event and I couldn’t get enough of the speed but since a bad concussion I had at the beginning of last season and a bad experience at the Apex Downhill my confidence has been altered and I have been more scared and nervous of the speed. I have been working at building this confidence up and today I had a great time free skiing and most importantly enjoyed the speed, although I was still hesitant at times. I feel pretty good about this course in Schweitzer, being a pretty easy-going slope and having really enjoyed my time skiing this course.

Kali Super G Schweitzer, Idaho 2011


One thought on “Schweitzer, Idaho

  1. I won’t wish you luck because you don’t need luck. You have the ability, mental fortitude and have put in the hours training on and off the hill. Enjoy the moment.

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