Race 1.0

A few days ago I finished racing in Nakiska – two slalom and two giant slalom races. I went into the race feeling pretty good about things and was eggar to race after 6 days of fore-running the Nor-Am races in Panorama – in other words, I wanted the real thing. I finished the first run of the first day of racing knowing that I could have skied better and faster, but this trend continued for the following days.

I had been skiing my best technically and I thought my head was in a very solid place, but come race time it seemed to fall apart. As soon as I told myself to turn up the intensity and charge down the hill all my old habits came back. When I compare video from a couple of weeks ago to now I am a completely different skier; not committing to the new ski, falling inside, standing up tall making it much harder to pressure my downhill ski and shortened my turning radius around the gate (one of the reason why the best in this sport are the best). I also found that my confidence was lacking, and when it was counting down to my start interval my nerves began to heighten. I was dissapointed with the results for the week but it is early and I know I have some things to work on, and confidence to build but I have a good idea of what I need to work on and a couple of coaches who believe in my capabilities and who also believe in their capabilities to make me fast.

Panorama Nor-Am Womens GS Cousre

I am home for a few days now, but my visit has been cut short because of the lack of snow here in Rossland. Steven and I were going to train at Red Mountain until our next race in the New Year, but not enough snow means that we are unable to screw gates into the hill. So for the mean time I am enjoying some time off at home with the family until we head back to Panorama on the 27th to prep for our next race.


One thought on “Race 1.0

  1. Merry Christmas! You WILL get your head in the right place. It was probably a bad day in the brain. Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves that we can subconsciously spiral downwards and drown our goals. You will rise and conquer! We will look for you on Dec. 27 at Panno. The positive is you have the chance to spend some great time with friends and family this season.
    We wish you the best in 2012. See you soon, Bob and Cathy Meharg

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