Positive Outlooks

Just over three weeks have flown by and I already have eighteen days of skiing in the books. I can surely say that I have had significant progress in these eighteen days, and more than in any other eighteen days. It is also the most focused, most confident, and strongest I have ever started a season. Without a doubt a good amount of this progress must be rewarded to my coach, Helmut Spiegl for teaching be more about the technical side of ski racing than I ever knew before, for being an inspiration with all of his encounters and experience, for being compassionate and generous, for believing and for being positive every run, every day, and every step of the way.

In this short amount of time that I have been here I have been able to learn so much.  Everyday I have been writing a journal elaborating on my training for that day. Varying day-to-day, it often consists of my training goals for that day (mental and/or technical), what I worked on technicaly, what I learned: what worked well, what didn’t work well. I started with this to enhance what I learn from each day and help build upon what I learn at a greater level. I picked the strategy up after reading In the Pursuit of Excellence by Terry Orlick and reenforced it after my coach told me to write down my technical focus everyday and what we worked on.

After working with Helmut who has such a broad, solid experience  and knowledge in ski racing I know significantly more about how to ski strong, fast, powerful and most importantly fast. It has a lot to do with how he communicates his knowledge in such detailed ways, how he explains the aspects and how they work when executed.

It has been such a short time since my first day on snow and a lot has been gained, but I know still that there is much more to learn.

Yesterday we trained GS in the morning (it was to cold to take many pictures) and then I headed to the gym at school here at David Thompson to do some SAQ (speed, agility, quickness) core and some stretching.

My first race will be this weekend at Norquay, only positive thoughts!

Wish me a good one!

F6 @ Lake Louise Dowhill aka Steven Fry


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