We all know what frustration feels like because we all have those days were nothing seem to go right or you just can’t get something right. You might try with all effort and focus but things just aren’t coming together. We all  react different to frustration, but most of the time we need to take a deep breath and debrief for a moment, try to see things in perspective and try to not let these feelings and emotions consume you.

I had a decent morning of training this, considering. We had a difficult giant slalom set on a steep pitch that you came on to after an aggressive roll over. You had to be forward, powerful, confident and ahead on the game. On a pitch like this there is no fooling around, and is when being technical sound and confident really counts for a lot. Considering how I have skied this pitch in previous years I was happy with my execution. Even though I was unable to put together a solid run I did link together some great turns and this is just something I can improve on.

Start - Hay Fever

Later in the afternoon we brought out our slalom skis for some technical free skiing. It was my first time on slalom skis since last season, and I confident with how I have been skiing and that fact that I had some really great days of slalom  training at the end of last season. Though, I slowly became frustrated because I was unable to put many turns together, let alone a run with some of these new-found technical skills I have discovered. I had a moment where I felt my cheat tighten and my muscles tense but I decided to resist any kind of break down or emotional destruction. I had a few good turns but told myself not to get hung up on these feelings, that I have been skiing much better than ever before, and with time, practice and quality focus it will eventually come.

Tomorrow I am heading out to Lake Louise to watch the Men’s Super-G World Cup…for the first time.


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