Always Opportunities

In life we will always be faced with challenges, but it is not about the challenges we face but how we face them. We can see them as insurmountable feats or as opportunities to grow and learn.

Today, Steven and I will be moving out from the Bagan into our house for the rest of the season. Becca, who has just joined us skiing will be moving in with us as well. Helmut and his daughter will also be joining us in the house at some point. It will be a challenge to learn to live will other people; to realise our differences and learn to work together. Although it is a challenge it is an experience and will be an opportunity to learn new things from these people and also about myself and it will be a chance to grow as a person.

This is not the only challenge I know we will have to face.  I still have three courses to finish before Graduation and Steven and I will have learn how to shop for all of our groceries on a budget, and to be resourceful with everything at the same time as giving our best effort to wards ski racing.  Yesterday the two of us had a discussion most around the food topic. We know that because we are athlete we have to watch that we are using the right food to fuel our selves and keep us healthy, so this means no Mac & Cheese from the box kind of meals! We will have to watch how much we spend and will have to make many thing things like muffins, granola bars, and bread from scratch to keep our bodies going during days when we stimulate eight race runs and then hit the gym in the evening.  With all of this to think about we have to watch that we also don’t do too much and burn ourselves out because ski racing is the priority and is why we are here in the first place.

We will have to take the first few weeks to ajust and figure things out. We have decied that for a start we will try to prepare meals ahead of time on a day off see how this work of us. This is something that the both of us have never had to do before and there will be many firsts, many mistakes, many discoveries, lesson to learn and many sucesses. It will be chanllenge but one with many opportunites to learn and to grow.



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